Hello Lovers,

My name is Rorangané, Rory for short. It is nice to meet you all. I have just moved house oh, now I’m here at Yala Tales and I am hoping this brings good things.

So who is Aunty Rory? I am that our favourite aunt that gives you the juiciest gist and advice. I’ll be your shoulder to cry on. I can be your hero baby, take away that pain that boredom or wrong choices bring.

10 Things To Know About Me

  • I just turned 30 and it’s scary as hell.
  • I love my meat. Please don’t come for mine. Eat only the one you have on your plate.
  • I love bags, and all my potential Baes’ know this.
  • My best friend is mental; I will talk about her a lot.
  • I am not a gossip oh, although some people may think otherwise. You are entitled to your opinions.
  • I am multi-cultural. I come from all over the world. I am what the world calls exotic.
  • Babies scare the life out of me, when I think about labour I start to hyperventilate.
  • I do not want to get married.
  • I work for a wealth management company.
  • I am not patient.

So this is I in a nutshell. I am honest to the T and I am looking forward to this new journey of me sharing my thoughts and experience with you.

Till the next time we meet,

It’s love always from my end.

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